2020 Retreat Offerings


May 22 – 25

Discovering Peace through Silence

cancelled due to COVID pandemic

with Maryn Azoff, Patrick Surdam & Samuel Perry


June 12 – 14

Songbird Retreat:

 Realigning your Voice and Body to Awaken your Spirit

through Vocal Transformation

cancelled due to COVID pandemic

with Maryn Azoff


June 19 – 21

Sacred Sound Retreat:

Expanding Awareness with Frequency

cancelled due to COVID pandemic

with Lindsey Guttilla & Robert Horwell


June 26 – 28

Plant Spirits in the Garden:

How to Communicate with the Green World

cancelled due to COVID pandemic

with Susanna Raeven & Samuel Perry


July 10 – 12

Skin Deep Retreat: 

Loving Herbal Care for Inner and Outer Beauty

cancelled due to COVID pandemic

with Susanna Raeven & Samuel Perry


July 17 – 19

Living Herbalism: Entering the Circle

cancelled due to COVID pandemic

with Samuel Perry & Susanna Raeven


July 30 –  August 2

Wise Ways Medicine Retreat:

Yoga + Herbs + Food in Fire Element

cancelled due to COVID pandemic

with Abby Paloma, Lena Elkousy & Susanna Raeven


August 14 – 16

Summer Soul Intensive: Earth, Body and Psyche

- A Journey into Self through Yoga, Dreams, Bees and Plants -

with Doug Van Houten & Susanna Raeven


August 21 – 23

Songbird Retreat:

EnJOYing your Voice - A Singers Retreat

with Maryn Azoff


September 25 – 27

Roots, Song, Prayer & Breath:

Healing Herbs and Voices

with Susanna Raeven & Maryn Azoff


October 23 – 25

Reverence in the Cave-Womb of the Dreaming Earth:

Wild Yoga & Deep Imagination 

For Personal and Planetary Transformation

with Rebecca Wildbear & Susanna Raeven