Wise Ways Medicine Retreat



Yoga + Herbs + Food in Fire Element

July 30 - August 2, 2020

 Join Dr. Abby Paloma (teacher, acupuncturist and herbalist), Lena Elkousy (chef, teacher and health coach), Susanna Raeven (herbalist and herb farmer) for a healing long weekend of movement, stillness and medicine at the one and only Ravencrest Farm in idyllic Berne, New York. Connect deeply in nature with the summer season and teachings of the Fire element . 

Remember your wise ways in a full immersion into the rhythms of wild nature-scapes and self-care practices. Practice nourishing movement, meditations, breathing exercises, restorative yoga, and receive acupuncture to attune yourself with the summer season of the fire element. Soak in the teachings of the season that celebrates the blossoming of the flower and the virtues of empathic joy and self love. Commune with the wisdom of the plants and walk the gardens and forests with Susanna and Abby to identify and harvest medicinal plants. Learn how to make herbal medicine remedies from the land, and take some home! Steep yourself in the profound yet simple ways of cooking seasonal, organic and nourishing meals with Lena. Delve into honoring what is most sacred with a warm community on retreat. 

What’s Included

  • Lodging
    Beautiful accommodations
  • Food
    All seasonal organic meals Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon
  • Facilities
    Outdoor practice dojo space, yoga deck, temple space, two ponds, and endless gardens
  • Classes
    daily practices, meditations and lectures with Abby
    cooking class with Lena
    medicine-making workshop with Susanna
  • Plants & Materials
    Fresh plants from the farm and all materials for medicine making
  • Free time
    plenty of free time to roam the wild forests, swim in the ponds, sing, and rest in the summer sun

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 Abby Paloma: 

Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Gardener, local food advocate, Cook, Artist, Dr. Abby Paloma is a compassionate practitioner with over a decade of experience in the wellness field. Abby is dedicated to orienting her patients and students towards choosing a life of health, harmony and integrity. Her teaching style reveres stillness and deep rest as antidotes to our fast-paced and dis-eased modern lifestyles. Abby is a healer who meets people exactly where they are on their path toward health. As loyal student of the earth and her body, Abby approaches her healing practices with the utmost respect and honor for the work she loves. 


Lena Elkousy: 

Lena Elkousy is a functional foods chef— her philosophy is that every element of food put in your body should have a consciously beneficial purpose to your health and the environment. She is also a yoga teacher and IIN certified health coach, committed to helping people become the best versions of themselves through food choices, lifestyle, and mindful practices.


Susanna Raeven: 

Community herbalist, wise woman, medicinal herb grower and owner of Raven Crest Botanicals, Susanna holds in her heart a deep connection to the plant world. She lives and breathes with the plants in her gardens and studies Earth centered spiritual ceremonies and cultures. Her prayers are for the Earth and the precious beings who flourish on her. While practicing Western herbalism, Susanna applies the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine in her work and calls on the wisdom of healing master plants from the Amazon. She offers herbal consultations, leads plant walks, is a guest teacher at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism and hosts herbal retreats.



Camping $555

There are many beautiful spots to pitch a tent around the farm.  

Shared Room - Double Bed $675

For couples and close friends our beautifully decorated cabin and Mullein House offer shared rooms with shared double beds. Please write us a note during registration with whom you like to share. 

Shared Room - Single Bed $675

The peaceful and beautifully decorated Mullein House have shared rooms with two or three single beds available.

Single Room $950

The beautiful Mullein House and Cabin offer single rooms with shared bathroom.

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