Plant medicine is the most ancient form of medicine on earth. Humans and plants have developed this symbiotic relationship over thousands of years to our great benefit. When we allow a plant remedy to heal us, we invite the spirit and intelligence of that plant into our bodies and let the synergy of all its qualities match our physical needs.

Rather than exploiting single plant constituents, herbal medicine looks at the benefits offered by the whole plant. This allows plant chemicals to balance the side effects of a single constituent when the entire plants is used.

Over the last century, we have steadily forgotten our relationship with the plant world and the healing and support we can receive from it. The greatest healer is still Nature herself, with her deep knowledge and intelligent complexity that is as old as our world.

Herbal medicine offers many effective alternatives to traditional Western medicine. Plants can help us heal by balancing, nourishing, strengthening and supporting the body while lifting and calming the mind and spirit.
A wholistic approach to healing always addresses the underlying causes of an illness, including lifestyle and nutrition, for deeply transformational change rather than simply treating and suppressing symptoms.
Contact Susanna here for a private session to peer deeply inwards for powerful healing.
A private session with Susanna Raeven lasts between 1½-2 hours. She guides you through a detailed intake process that examines you as a whole person -- your environment, lifestyle, habits, and patterns -- and focuses on herbs, nutrition, and lifestyle recommendations to help bring your body and mind back into balance.
Individual consultations are available again online in the fall of 2023.