Reverence in the Cave-Womb of the Dreaming Earth

Reverence in the Cave-Womb of the Dreaming Earth:

Wild Yoga & Deep Imagination

for Personal and Planetary Transformation

with Rebecca Wildbear and Susanna Raeven 

October 23 – 25, 2020


As the days grow darker and the nights longer, hibernation into dreams, images, and revelation call us. Entering the realms of our dream maker allows us to know ourselves in deeper ways, to dance with our muse, to face our shadow. Being vulnerable calls for courage. In dreamtime we engage with the facets of ourselves that are hidden deep below. We call them forth from the darkness of the dream cave into the light of consciousness.

Soul speaks through images, and every dream is an embodied invitation to our unfolding soul story. The inner wilds of dreams, the outer wilderness of the world, and our bodies are three of our most potent guides.

The Earth is dreaming through us; the inner and outer wildernesses are interwoven. Dream may arise from the “World Dream,” offering us a glimpse of the desires of the world so we may “act in the world, on behalf of the world". 

Our dreams can guide us to take the actions that matter most for ourselves and the world. When listening to our dreams is married to acting on behalf of life on Earth, we bring together of our visionary and revolutionary natures.

Let us gestate in the womb of the Earth's mystery and profound power as we pay reverence to the teachings of our dreams.


In this weekend dream and yoga immersion, we will courageously and deeply listen while wandering in the soul’s mysterious domain, submitting ourselves to its atmospheres, landscapes, and characters. We will be in ceremony and conversation with the animate natural world and call on the work with dream plants.

Our mornings will be spend in a wild yoga practice as a prayer, connecting our inner landscape with the elements and spirits of the surrounding land of Raven Crest.

A shift in consciousness and radical transformation are possible for ourselves and our world.


Rebecca Wildbear, M.S.

Rebecca is a river and soul guide, compassionately helping people tune in to the mysteries that live within the wild Earth community, Dreamtime, and their own wild Nature. She gently ushers people to the underground river of their greater story, so they may surrender to their soul’s deepest longing and embrace their sacred gifts, live a life of creative service, and rediscover their deep belonging to the Earth community. A therapist and wilderness guide since 1997, Rebecca utilizes her training and experience with yoga, meditation, Hakomi, and somatic psychotherapy to support individuals in discovering and manifesting their soul gifts. She also leads Animas programs and is on the faculty of Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. Rebecca is the creator of Wild Yoga™, a sacred way of breathing and moving, aligned with Earth and Soul.

Susanna Raeven 
Susanna is a community herbalist, medicinal herb grower and owner of Raven Crest Botanicals. Susanna holds in her heart a deep connection to the natural world. She lives and breathes with the plants in her gardens and studies Earth centered spiritual practices and cultures. Her prayers are for the Earth and all her children. While practicing herbalism Susanna calls on the wisdom of healing master plants from the Amazon. She offers herbal consultations, leads plant walks, is a guest teacher at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism and hosts retreats at Raven Crest.


What’s Included

  • Delicious vegetarian meals, gluten free and vegan on request, please bring your own lunches
  • Beautiful accommodations
  • All classes and workshops
  • Train/bus station pickup from Albany if needed 

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Shared Room $490

The peaceful and beautifully decorated Mullein House and Cabin have double rooms and shared rooms with two or three single beds available. We also offer comfortable floor sleeping space in the heated temple.

Single Room $590

The beautiful Mullein House and Cabin offer single rooms with shared bathroom.