Who are we:

Raven Crest Botanicals is a beautiful small-scale organic herb farm in upstate NY; a plant loving herbalist; artisan skin products made with pure, locally grown ingredients, love, and intention; organic herbal extracts, syrups and elixirs; delicious culinary and medicinal tea blends; love and respect for mother earth and all her creations.



Why we are here:

… to help heal the body, mind, and spirit of our community and our planet.

… to grow medicinal herbs with sustainable organic farming methods and wild-craft healing plants with knowledge and respect.

… to be the stewart of our land and to protect the plants and animals that flourish on it.



About the farm:

Our small-scale herb farm in the beautiful Schoharie county in upstate NY uses organic growing methods without the use of artificial fertilizers or pesticides. We apply sustainable methods to build and improve our soil. Our earth sheltered solar greenhouse is used to grow herb seedlings in the spring and dry our harvest during the summer month without the use of fossil fuel. Our solar operated and pond fed irrigation system does not require any electricity. Our herbs are grown in self fertilizing raised Huegelkultur permaculture beds. We took the NOFA farmer pledge to commit to the principles and practices of organic farming.