Fall Equinox Retreat

Fall Equinox Retreat

Focus: Vipassana – The Great Five Insights

September 21 – 25, 2018

Theme: Vipassana means 'Insight' or 'Realization'.

The five great insights we will explore are impermanence, shunyata (emptiness/potential), the interconnectedness of all phenomena, the nature of suffering & the illusion of the self. These insights along with the experience of fully embodying the energetic body (pranamayakosha) can be very intense so, the accompanying practices of shamatha (serenity), asana yoga, time in nature, music, & dharma discussions are good medicine to prepare the mind, heart & body for the profound Vipassana experience.

Shamatha (serenity) meditations (3-4 hours each day broken up into 24 minute sessions) which prepare the mind to be relaxed, aware, stable & vivid so that when insight dawns its not a shattering experience. 

There will be two Asana Yoga classes (outdoor & indoor) & two dharma salons with me each day & a custom playlist in every class.

A plant medicine workshop with Susanna Raven who will be leading how to communicate with plants & each guest will create their own herbal elixir to calm & ground their body/mind for the transition from Summer to Winter.

Susanna Raeven, Maryn Azoff  & I will give a concert at the end of the retreat


    All prices below are all-inclusive

    Shared room: $1400

    Dormitory: $1350

    Camping: $1275


    What’s Included

    • Delicious vegetarian and vegan meals with farm-grown food
    • Beautiful accommodations
    • All yoga and meditation classes, herbal medicine workshop, dharma talks, concert 
    • Train/bus station pickup from Albany if needed  


    Michael Hewett: 

    NYC based Yogi/DJ/Musician; Michael Hewett has taught Yoga for over 20 years & has been a musician for 35 years. 
    His classes, workshops & retreats weave together philosophies, asana, music & meditation to experientially guide students along their paths with humor, scholarship & artistry. He is the founder/director of Vessel Academy, a graduate of Berklee College of Music, DJ Nagual and a guitarist/composer with a catalog of seven albums & numerous singles. His classes feature custom DJ Nagual mixes & live guitar. www.michaelhewett.net  https://www.instagram.com/vesselacademy




    There are many beautiful spots to pitch a tent around the farm.  


    For couples and close friends our beautifully decorated cabin and Mullein House offer shared beds. We also have floor sleeping space on comfortable camping pads available.

    Shared Room 

    The peaceful and beautifully decorated Mullein House have shared rooms with two or three beds available.


    To secure your place, kindly send an email confirmation

    to michaelhewett555@gmail.com

    and Venmo to @Michael-Hewett-1

    specifying which kind of accommodation you desire.  


    Daily Retreat Schedule

    8:00 - 9:00am  Wake up, light breakfast/coffee/tea

    9:00 - 10:00 Two 24 minute Guided Meditations

    10:00 - 12:00 Asana Practice (Physical Yoga)

    12:00 - 1:00pm Brunch

    1:00 - 4:00pm  Personal time/Plant workshop(s)

    4:00 - 6:00pm  Dharma Discussion, Yoga, 24 minute Meditation

    6:00 - 7:00pm Dinner

    7:00 - 8:00pm Personal Time 

    8:00 -10:00pm 24 minute Meditation & Dharma Discussion 

    We end each evening with noble silence until 12:30 the following day. Noble silence allows the energy/prana you've generated each day to build so dreams become vivid/lucid, insights dawn & the meditation sessions become more profound & flowing. 

    Getting Ready for your Retreat

    Preparing for retreat is as important as the retreat itself. Do your best to wrap up business, debts, forgive others, donate objects you no longer use, turn on vacation notices, pay bills, US guests please let your bank know you will be traveling abroad, double check that you did indeed turn off your stove and then dive into retreat! 
    The mind plays tricks on retreat & so the best way to relax into this extraordinary experience is to enter in from a place of order & kindness. Let your friends, family, colleagues, etc that you will be off-grid on retreat. Yes, of course there's WIFI & the more time away from the computers/smartphones/social media the deeper you will go! 

    Daily Schedule

    The schedule works on the practitioner as much as they remain present, open, ernest, relaxed and energized. If at any point you need to take a session off to decompress, that is fine! The beauty & energy of Raven Crest will restore you & its a natural part of retreat to have emotions/memories/experiences come up seemingly from nowhere to be felt, understood & released.  
    All sessions will begin precisely on time so please arrive and settle in a few minutes BEFORE the bell rings. 


    What to Bring:

    A journal and/or a computer or recording device

    An alarm clock. (your phone is fine as long as you don't go online)

    Yoga mat & meditation cushion (there are plenty of mats & props onsite
       & feel free to bring your own.)

    • Meditation shawl (very nice to stay warm & shed easily when the inner fire blazes up!) 

    • Proper clothing for asana practice (multiple pants/tops, comfortable and be prepared to sweat!)

    • Extra warm clothing at night.

    • Sturdy boots with tread for hiking

    • A book to help you fall asleep at night (trashy novel, something fun & light)

    • Small flashlight

    • Earplugs & eye masks are essential

    • Any special teas you enjoy to relax/wake up.

    Please note there will be no substances/alcohol permitted on this retreat.