Lyme Formula
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Lyme Formula

A dynamic herbal support for acute and chronic Lyme. Helps to address discomfort while building the body’s strength and resilience to be a less hospitable environment for Lyme causing bacteria and other co infections. This synergistic collection of herbs offers a versatile and well rounded approach to support the immune system, joints, nervous system and adrenals.*

ingredients: Japanese knotweed root (Fallopia japonica) • reishi mushroom (Ganoderma tsugae) • skullcap leaf & flower (Scutellaria laterifolia) • burdock root (Arctium lappa) • cat’s claw vine (Uncaria tomentosa) • milk thistle seed (Silybum marianum) • tulsi leaf & flower (Ocimum sanctum) • sweet Annie leaf & flower (Artemesia annua) • boneset leaf & flower (Eupatorium perfoliatum) • turmeric root (Curcuma longa) • Solomon’s seal root (Polygonatum biflorum) • blue vervain leaf & flower (Verbana hastata) • ashwagandha root (Withiana somnifera) • teasel root (Dipsacus sylvestris) • ginger root (Zingiber officinale) • bupleurum root (Bupleurum spp.) • sweet Annie glycerite (Artemesia annua) • organic cane alcohol • filtered water

recommend dosage: Shake well before use. Add 80 drops or 4 dropperfuls to a shot glass of warm water, 3 times daily, after meals.


Japanese knotweed:
Japanese knotweed is a vigorous, widely spreading plant native to Japan, China and Korea. It has an impressive variety of actions, many of which are directly effective against the harmful effects of Lyme and coinfections. Along with its antiviral, antiparasitic and antifungal properties, Japanese Knotweed enhances immune and cardiovascular function and reduces inflammation in the musculoskeletal and nervous system.

Milk Thistle: Our liver works hard to process so much of what we take in day to day. Milk thistle is an excellent remedy that helps to grow new liver cells, and supports and protects the liver and kidneys, aiding them to more effectively clear toxins from the body. In addition to its restorative benefits, it also provides gentle toning to the digestive system.

Cat's Claw: This impressive vine native to Central and South America is an important part of indigenous Amazonian medicine and spiritual practice. An immune system balancer and tonic, Cat’s Claw increases levels of immune cells that are directly depleted by Lyme and other viruses. It is also known to decrease inflammation of all kinds and relieve pain associated with Lyme specific arthritis. Cat’s Claw can be particularly useful in a formula as a harmonizing force to strengthen and direct the energies of the other herbs.

Teasel: Teasel is a type of thistle that has tall stalks with prickly flower heads, and chalice-like leaves that clasp around the stem which catch rain and dew. This balance of energizing, protective energy and receptive nourishment helps describe Teasel’s actions on a variety of conditions. Used to ease arthritis, inflammation and chronic muscle pain, Teasel encourages the circulation of blood and is strongly allied with supporting joints and muscles. Though a more recent use, it is enthusiastically embraced as a core herb used in many acute and chronic Lyme protocols.

Solomon's Seal: A lovely, whimsical woodland plant with graceful white flowers that dangle along a central stem. The sweet, moist rhizome of Solomon’s Seal offers deep nourishment and lubrication for the connective tissue, joints and interstitial fluids. It is often used in cases of injury, arthritis, broken bones and to speed recovery time after surgery. Solomon’s Seal is also a helpful herb for irritated mucous membranes, including respiratory and digestive upset.

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