Winter Tea CSA Share
Raven Crest Botanicals

Winter Tea CSA Share

Winter CSA Shares run from October through March and support your body, mind and spirit from the time of brilliant autumn colors to the first emerging blossoms in spring. 

Our Raven Crest CSA share is a monthly treat of farm grown herbal teas from our gardens to accompany the spring and summer season. Our teas are grown in our earth sheltered greenhouse, hand harvested, solar dried and alchemically blended. You will receive two 16-serving packages of loose herbal tea in each share.

Drinking nourishing and immune building teas in the fall, warming and delicious chai teas in the winter months and detoxing blends in early spring lets your body and spirit connect with the ever changing seasons. 

Enjoy our favorite Raven Black Chaga Chai, receive the benefits of our healing Lung & Throat Comfort tea and warm up after a walk in winter wonderland with our delicious Masala Bliss. 

 Shipping included.