Plant of the Month: Rose

Plant of the Month: Rose

Just simply saying the name of this magnificent flower invokes a special sweetness and sensuality. Revered for thousands of years throughout cultures across the world, roses are an admired symbol of love, beauty and invocation to the divine mystery.

Roses in Our Garden 

The blooming of roses at Raven Crest signals that we are just around the height of summer. It is a time overflowing with life.
For a brief two week window, we carry large wicker baskets to the rose patch daily to harvest the vibrant magenta petals after the morning dew has dried. From this fragrant treasure, all manners of herbal delights are made, from fresh tincture to infused glycerite and honey.
For our herbal teas, we spread basketfuls of petals on hanging racks in the greenhouse to dry by the heat of the summer sun.

The Medicine of Rose

Rose is a medicine for the emotional heart and offers soothing and protection for when our spirit feels saddened. In many traditional systems of medicine throughout the world, there is an understanding of the relationship between the vitality of our emotional life and health of our body.
When we allow difficult feelings to linger without being fully processed and integrated, this can manifest in physical symptoms down the line. We feature rose in two of our favorite emotionally soothing creations, Heart Balm Tea and Hold My Heart Tincture.
The sweetness of rose becomes a potent ally here, gently helping to uplift and restore movement to tender areas of a grieving, aching heart.
A bath or foot bath with rose petals and oats is a soothing and comforting ritual after a traumatic event that will gently hold the heart and soothe overwhelmed nerves. Rose flower essence is a wonderful medicine to support the emotional heart through the journey of life.
Rose Glycerite is just about the most delicious herbal infusion and can be added to teas, drizzled over scrumptious desserts, or enjoyed just pure to give your heart a big hug. Of course we are including roses in our Chocolate Love Potion, a delicious herbal aphrodisiac to enliven and uplift your energy and vibration. 

Rose Symbolism

Owing to their deep companionship in human affairs, roses are steeped in lore. Grown in gardens for nearly 5000 years, there are hundreds of known species and thousands of cultivated varieties. They have classically aided us through key life stages, accompanying our romantic pursuits, religious rituals, funeral rites, folk healing and charms.
Their symbolism is interwoven with both the highest of human virtues and weaknesses: passion, purity, desire, secrecy, silence, innocence, protection and the unfolding of higher consciousness. Countless examples of artwork, poetry, literature, myth, and music are attributed to this magnificent flower.
Slow down and stop to smell the roses. Now is the time! 💕