Songbird Retreat:Experiential Transformation


Experiential Transformation

August 17 – 19, 2018


Your body holds its own intelligence and the human voice holds an ability to heal, join Vocal transformation coach Maryn Azoff and Bio hacker and TRE practitioner Kole Whitty on a deeply releasing weekend of Vocal release work . Learn how to listen to the signals your body is sending you and use this information to inform the voice.  Whatever it is that ails you either physically, mentally and/or spiritually, your voice holds a key to unlocking the path to healing.  Sound vibration has been scientifically proven to effect the cells of the body and your voice is your birthright for self-healing. We will show you the power you have within.... 

Experience the beautiful untouched nature of Raven Crest Farm, eat delicious farm fresh food, and feel the full freedom to explore parts of yourself you didn't even know existed.  Push your boundaries and dig deeper into your capabilities. light a spark that will ignite your passion for exploring and sharing music, sound and your truth.  Classes will cover:

~ The psychology of the voice

~ Freedom of expression

~ The Anatomy of the voice

~ Bio-Hacking

~ Your Body's Intelligence

and more....

Bring your voice,  your open heart and mind and your sense of adventure and exploration.

Maryn Azoff is a singer, vocal transformation coach, member of the "Tribe of Love", spirit lifter, soul emancipator and fear crusher. She has been on a mission of connecting people with their vocal power for years and knows that it's when people sing together that the true magic of music can happen! Her approach to singing and sharing is always from her heart, where we all meet in truth, wisdom and love, and she creates a safe, judgement-free environment for you to find that connection for yourself. 


What’s Included

$50 off early bird discount when registered before June 15, 2018

Your non-refundable $100 deposit will reserve your spot



Camping $350

There are many beautiful spots to pitch a tent around the farm.  

Shared Indoor Space $400

For couples and close friends our beautifully decorated cabin and Mullein House offer shared beds. We also offer floor sleeping space on comfortable camping pads.

Shared Room $425

The peaceful and beautifully decorated Mullein House has shared rooms with two or three beds available.

Single Room $500

The beautiful Mullein House and Cabin offer single rooms with shared bathroom.