Roots, Song, Prayer, and Breath 2019



- Healing Plants and Voices -

October 4 – 6, 2019

Join herbalists Susanna Raeven and Samuel Perry, and vocal transformation coach Maryn Azoff for a healing weekend of music and medicine at Raven Crest Farm in upstate NY.  
Connect deeply with the fall season in a beautiful setting and learn how the healing power of plants can support our lungs,  strengthen our immune system and help us to stay healthy through the winter months.
Enjoy medicine foods for the autumn season, harvest medicinal roots and mushrooms with love and respect, make your own winter elixirs and stir the caldron to cook delicious immunity broth. Practice gratitude for the gifts of Mother Earth and and enjoy walks in our beautiful woods.
Just as plants are great healers, your own voice and breath can be your winter medicine, lift your spirit and warm your soul. Maryn Azoff will guide you through the realm of your own healing voice. We will share singing circles around a sacred fire and learn medicine songs to accompany our root harvests.
The forest will wear her gorgeous fall colors, the pond invites us to take the last swim of the year, enjoy a yoga + soundscape journey. We will share warming and nourishing meals made with farm grown food and sip delicious chai teas and golden milk. Who wants to come? 


Susanna Raeven: 
Community herbalist, wise woman, medicinal herb grower and owner of Raven Crest Botanicals, Susanna holds in her heart a deep connection to the plant world. She lives and breathes with the plants in her gardens and studies Earth centered spiritual ceremonies and cultures. Her prayers are for the Earth and the precious beings who flourish on her. While practicing Western herbalism, Susanna applies the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine in her work and calls on the wisdom of healing master plants from the Amazon. She offers herbal consultations, leads plant walks, is a guest teacher at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism and hosts herbal retreats.


Maryn Azoff: 
Maryn is a Vocal Transformation Coach, a musician, a member of the 'Tribe of Love' and servant of spirit. Her greatest mission is to help others awaken to their true selves.  Meditation has been a part of her life for 15 years and she has studied the works of many masters throughout her life.  It wasn't until her first silent retreat that she understood the mind separate from the SELF. This life changing discovery has transformed her and, in her gratitude, she is thrilled to bring others to this understanding. All the wisdom of the universe is alive within your being. Silence is the only way to hear it. 


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