Raven Crest Botanicals
is offering: 


1. The Herbal Tea Package

Once a month, you will receive two 16-serving packages of loose herbal tea, organically grown and harvested in Berne, NY. We grow, handpick, solar dry, and alchemically blend medicinal and culinary teas with your health and palate in mind.

Each month, you will receive one culinary and one seasonal medicinal tea. Look forward to our Mint Medley sensation and Happiness tulsi blend, soothe your cold in the fall with our aromatic Lung Support Tea, sleep better and relax with Chill Out Tea, and enjoy our spicy Masala Bliss blend. Look forward to delicious herbal ice tea mixes during the hot summer months and warming cozy blends during the cooler seasons.

This package begins in July and ends in December (six months), and costs $140 ($23/month) 


2. The Green Medicine Cabinet Package

A monthly treat of artisan skin products and organic herbal medicines. All skin products contain only 100% non-toxic, cruelty-free, organic ingredients, are hand made with love in small batches, and contain only natural preservatives. You will receive 3-4 products in each package.

Look forward to loving yourself with balms and skin butters, luscious moisturizers, and cleansing face and body scrubs. Enjoy our aromatherapy mists, plant perfumes, and clear your space with sacred Smokeless Smudge spray.

You will also receive a variety of medicinal tinctures and oils for the seasons, infused with organically grown or respectfully wild-crafted herbs. Heal and support your body with Mushroom Magic, Focus, Immune Booster, Propolis, Elderberry Elixir, Happy Nose Oil, and many more.

In addition, your package will include an occasional solar dried cooking herb and herb infused honey. You will be able to enjoy a fully stocked green medicine cabinet at the end of the season. 

This package begins in July and ends in December (six months) and costs $250 ($41/month). 

3. The Green Medicine and Tea package

This package includes all teas from the Herbal Tea package and all products from the Green Medicine Cabinet package.

In addition, a full share includes a complimentary full herbal consultation via Skype or phone.

This package starts in July and ends in December (six months), and costs $350 ($58 a month).

All shares are mailed to your home once a month. You can join the CSA at any time, the costs will be adjusted accordingly. All shipping costs are included in the package price.

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