Rose Love Bundle
Raven Crest Botanicals

Rose Love Bundle

This year we are offering seasonal herb bundles, and what can be better than a bundle of everything ROSE! 🌹  We picked our favorite rose creations from the apothecary to share with a special person or enjoy in a loving self care ritual. Look forward to: 

Chocolate Love Potion

Cosmic Love Balm

Rose Glycerite

Roses for Lovers

Rose Cacao Chai

plus one custom flower essence: 

Cloak of Love - flower essence blend of wild rose, ghost pipe & strawberry to cultivate deep self love, hold your heart and attract sweetness into your life. 

Our botanical products are infused with herbal wisdom and fresh high quality herbs from our farm – ethically wild crafted or consciously cultivated from seed to harvest.
All of our flowers and herbs are hand harvested and solar dried with the utmost love and care to offer you high vibrational, healing plant medicine.
From our hearts to yours, our organic and sustainable growing methods bestow the gift of pure connection - nourished and whole - with mother Earth and our truest selves.